Please check out our 'Tips' page for more information about how to care for a disabled dog including advice on prosthetic legs, wheels and bladder expression:

Adoption fees are £200

Travel Funding for Animals.

Important Announcement for potential adopters and rescuers sending dogs to us.

We are not in a position to fund any non disabled animals travelling.

Because our mounting bills are not being covered by our current fundraising efforts. We have to prioritise the medical bills for the animals we are already responsible for here.

All the dogs on our website currently (as of July 24) are either being funded for travel by their rescuers from abroad or we have committed to a split, or we have made an agreement for a very rare exception to fundraise for them because they are disabled, have a home already waiting and there is not sufficient financial support for their travel in place.

Wherever possible, new animals added, must be funded by their rescuers or their adopters (or a combination of the two)

So please refer to the individual dogs profile on the website for funding information.

To Adopters:

If you want to adopt a dog but the dog has no travel fund in place it is open to you to hold your own fundraiser for the travel. We will support and guide you in this.

To rescuers:

If you want to send a dog to us you can either raise the money yourself or we can advertise them as an "adopter led travel fund" We need to be realistic however that this will narrow your dog's chances of adoption considerably.

Egypt has always been an expensive place to import animals from but the current prices are skyrocketing and we just cannot keep up.

Our travel fundraising needs to be curtailed for now so that our outstanding bills and animals can be prioritised.

This is responsible rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming.

We thank you for your continued support.

We also ask adopters to either collect the dogs themselves from London Heathrow or agreed drop off point close to where the dog enters the UK.

Or fund the cost of a professional transport service, to meet the dog and deliver them to their new home.

We fund initial vet assessments and wheels / prosthetics for our disabled animals if you need us to. We require proof of address and photographic ID and if rented, proof of landlord permission for the dog / cat

We do one home check before the animal can be adopted and one home check around 1 month after adoption to make sure everyone is ok and happy.

If you have any queries please email us at

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