Logy (tripaw) – Looking for an adopter

Travel Fund: Adopter Led




1 year old (as of March 24)


Mixed breed

Current Location

Cairo, Egypt

Country to Adopt to



Logy is a young neutered female tripaw dog.  She weighs around 15kg.  She was hit by a car as a tiny puppy and left very badly injured.  Someone took her to a vet who did a patch up job on her but then they put her back on the streets to fend for herself and was absolutely in no fit state to.
Infection set in and she nearly died but was rescued again and taken to a shelter.  The leg could not be saved so was amputated.  Her other hindleg is also weak and she walks with a compromised gait.  She may benefit from a prosthetic in future. Logy is good with other dogs and people.  She is not cat tested but this can be arranged if needed.
Logy will need an orthopaedic assessment in the UK, we can help her adopters with this if needed.
Logy will fly cargo to London Heathrow and will need collecting from there either by her adopters or a professional transporter.  She does not have a travel fund so her adopters will be expected to help with these costs.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home happy adopt a dog with 3 legs, who walks differently.

A home happy to adopt a dog that will need time to adjust and find her feet. A home willing to put the work into basic training and life skills with a young dog. A home willing to accept and adore a dog who may need a prosthetic limb.

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