Leo (Great Dane), not disabled -seeking an adopter

Travel Fund: Adopter in full




Less than 1 year (July 24)


Great Dane

Current Location

Cairo, Egypt

Country to Adopt to



Rescue story in brief: Leo’s first owners tied him up outside their home in 40 degree heat with no food, water or shelter.  He was spotted by a shelter worker and the worker approached the shelter owner to see if she could negotiate with Leo’s owner to get his freedom.  She had to pay the cut throat owner to release Leo to her, but had she not he would have died of heat exhaustion very quickly.
Weight: 29 kg (he’s going to grow to be a big lad)  He is already neutered.
He is very friendly, loves to play tug and loves to rumble and tumble with other dogs.  He can live happily with dogs of all sizes.  He likes to dig in the sand and roll around wrestling with the other dogs.
His rescuer says he is an absolutely lovely big lad.  She says he is VERY good with cats too.  We are currently waiting for video proof of this before we can agree to rehoming with a cat.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home, happy to adopt a young, large breed dog.  Leo will need to learn basic life skills with humane training methods.

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