Nagy (wheelie dog- incontinent)

Travel Fund: Rescuer
NB Nagy must be collected from Cairo by his adopters in person as he cannot travel cargo due to the time he would go without bladder expression. A kind donor has offered to pay his new adopter's plane ticket if it helps to get him adopted.




l0 months as of October 23


Mixed breed

Current Location


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Nagy is a sweet but shy puppy who likes people and other dogs.  He can be reserved at first but soon warms up.

He is also good with cats.  He is not child tested but his rescuer thinks he would be fine as he is a amenable friendly boy all around.  He likes the safety of his crate with the door open and will retreat them if frightened by something.

It is not know what happened to Nagy but it could have been a road accident and whatever it was, he was left with a spinal injury. He was found as a tiny paraplegic puppy at only a few weeks old.  He has been x-rayed in Egypt.

He is incontinent and will need bladder expression.

He will need wheels for his walks once fully grown.  He currently weighs around 5kg but will likely grow to around 20kg by the time he is 18 months old.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home happy to adopt a dog that is incontinent and needs wheels for walks.

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