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His rescuers found poor little Bilbo scared silly, unable to walk cowering against the central reservation of the main Cairo-Suez motorway.
The area was just desert and they think he had been placed and abandoned there to die by somebody.
He had no use of his back legs and had likely been hit by a car.
He was just 6 weeks old!
His rescuers took him to their home in Cairo where he has lived since his rescue in March 2024.
Bilbo has been to see numerous vets whose initial assessment was that he will regain the use of his back legs but the latest from a recent examination is that he might need an operation on his back, something that is high risk in Egypt where the level of veterinary skills available in not on par with those in the UK.
Bilbo has full use of his front legs so is semi mobile, he can move his back legs and has been seen a number of times standing on all 4 legs but after a couple of steps his back end goes back down to the floor.
He does use a wheel chair to exercise his back legs and as he moves around he does take steps with his back legs, there is something there to give hope he will start to use his legs.
He knows when he wants to toilet and moves his back legs when doing it and then he moves away from his toilet.
We believe he could be trained to use a pad but his rescuers have a large number of other cases and haven’t been able to give him the time he needs.
The vet’s estimated his birth date to be the 29th of January 2024.
Bilbo is microchipped and fully vaccinated and will be neutered before travel.
He is a gentle loving little boy who lives with other cats and dogs although a little wary at first.
Bilbo is also good with people and children.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that can care for a disabled cat, who may never be litter or pad trained.

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