Luca walks differently- seeking an adopter

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11 months approx. (as of March 2024)


Mixed breed

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Luca was in a terrible car accident as a tiny puppy.  He was rescued and has made a good recovery, but still walks differently.  He then contracted parvo virus and almost died, but against the odds, he survived that too and is now thriving.
He may need further assessment and surgery for his leg in the UK which we can fundraise for if needed.  He is extremely friendly and loveable with other dogs, adults, children and even cats! He is a super super boy and would make a great edition to any happy family home.
Update March 2024: Luca was in foster with his rescuer as a puppy, but is now an adolescent and has been placed into a shelter.  He is not happy there as he once knew love and care and now feels abandoned.  He craves a home environment and close human contact once more.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home, happy to adopt a dog that will need time to adjust and find his feet.  A home willing to put the work into basic training and life skills with a young dog.  A home willing to accept and adore a dog who walks differently and may need surgical rehab.

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