Julia – Looking for an adopter

Travel Fund: Adopter led




3.5 years (as of May 24)



Current Location

Cairo, Egypt

Country to Adopt to



Julia was purchased as a glorified toy for some children but when the kids lost interest in her the parents tossed her into the street.  A rescuer became aware of this and she was transferred to a shelter.

She is neutered and weighs around 6kg.  She is a very lively and loving dog with a very sweet personality.  She loves to run and play and thrives on the attention of humans.  She enjoys the company of other small dogs and children.  She feels intimidated by much bigger dogs.  She would fit in well to most households.  She will need regular grooming and clipping as she grows a very long coat.

Type of Home Needed

A home happy to adopt a dog that will need time to adjust and find her feet. A home willing to put the work into basic training and life skills with a dog.  Julia will need regular grooming.

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