Lila, jaw injury- seeking an adopter


Travel Fund: Rescuer




1.6 years approx (as of August 2023)


Mixed breed

Current Location


Country to Adopt to



Lila is a sweetheart. She is very energetic
and loving.
She is cat and dog tested and non aggressive.  Although she does need to be fed separately and likes to be the centre of her human’s attention.
She loves people and loves playing with
them. She needs some training around how to elicit attention in a constructive way.
Lila was found as a 1.5 -2 month old puppy.
She suffered extreme trauma to her head which caused her right TMJ to shatter while

dislocating the left one.

She was taken from the street and went to 7 different vets to get a good diagnosis.
Sadly due to the complexity of her case she went through 4 surgeries in Egypt but to no avail.
One that left her dislocated jaw broken and one that caused paralysis in her ear.
She desperately needs a home in the UK so that her medical issues can be properly assessed and addressed.  She can eat and drink ok and has a good quality of life but her rescuers want better for her than what is available in Egypt. Lila weighs 15kg and is not yet spayed but this will be done before she travels.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home, happy to adopt a young dog, that will need time to adjust and find her feet.  A home willing to put the work into basic training and life skills with a young dog.

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