Jasper (Tripawd)- seeking an adopter

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3 years approx. as of June 2024


Shepherd mix

Current Location

Türkiye, Kahramanmaraş

Country to Adopt to



A shelter received a distress call in January 2024, alerting them to a heart breaking scene at a landfill site: dogs struggling to survive amidst the biting cold and unforgiving snow. Among them was Jasper, battling the elements while desperately scavenging for food. He was hungry, frightened and shivering in the bitter chill.
One of his front legs had suffered irreparable damage, marred by two breaks that had fused together incorrectly, rendering it beyond repair. On the recommendation of the vets, his front leg was amputated. Jasper has bravely adapted to life as a tripod dog.
He is currently staying in one of the villages in the Kahramanmaraş province. In a country where animals like Jasper are subjected to unimaginable cruelty and suffering, the prospect of a safe, loving home is but a distant dream. He deserves a safe loving home.
Neuter status – Neutered
Breed – Anatolian Shepherd Mix
Weight – 30kg
His rescuer says he’d be best suited for a rural/semi-rural home with a garden and understanding adopters who can make adjustments as needed, like ramps or rugs for better traction.
Temperament details
Jasper’s temperament is as endearing as his journey is remarkable. A gentle soul with a relaxed disposition, he finds solace in the simple pleasures of life.
Thriving on cuddles and leisurely walks, Jasper embodies tranquillity, cherishing every moment of companionship and affection.
His friendly nature extends beyond humans; he welcomes the company of other dogs and cats , fostering a harmonious environment wherever he goes. Yet, what truly sets Jasper apart is his unwavering sense of contentment.
As long as he has a safe haven to call his own, a warm place to snuggle into, and the assurance that his next meal is secure, Jasper remains unperturbed by the challenges of the past.  He is a lovely, easy boy to have around.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that can accept and love a dog with three legs.

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