Tapas- hind leg problems, seeking an adopter

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Born May 2022


Mixed breed

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Tapas was hit by a car on the streets of Cairo while still a tiny pup but fortunately his rescuer heard him screaming outside her home and took him in, he has been living and looked after by his rescuer since.
Tapas suffered severe trauma to both back legs and has now been through a number of surgeries with a specialist vet in Cairo. One leg is currently pinned in a folded position as the tendon heals but the pin will be removed once the healing process is considered ready and he should be able to use it again.
His other back leg does not bend at all but he currently uses it like a walking stick to enable him to move around. Tapas will need further assessment when he gets to the UK.
Tapas currently lives on a balcony with a very restricted view of life and receives basic care only, he is clearly desperate for love and proper care in a loving home.
He is small for his age.
He is very friendly to people and to other dogs.
Unfortunately while Tapas receives the best available treatment for his legs in Cairo he doesn’t get much attention or love which he really wants and needs. When at the vets he seeks (and gets) strokes and cuddles from people he has met before and even people he hasn’t.
He behaves extremely well at the vets and is happy to make new friends with other dogs he meets.
He isn’t very mobile with his leg pinned and couldn’t manage stairs without help.
He meets cats regularly and doesn’t react to them.
Little Tapas had a terrible start to life and is now looking for a new beginning in a home where he can get the life and care he really wants and needs.
Tapas will be neutered before travel.  He manages his own toilet needs.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home, happy to adopt a young dog, that will need time to adjust and find his feet.  A home willing to put the work into basic training and life skills with a young dog.  A home willing to accept a dog with significant disabilities.

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