Smilla (head tilt walks differently) RESERVED

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7 years old


Mixed breed

Current Location

Bosnia, ready to travel

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Smilla is a super sweet cuddly girl who loves life!

She is thought to have been hit by a car.  She was rescued from the streets by a kind lady and has lived in a shelter with her ever since.  She has a curved spine and a head tilt so her gait is abnormal but she moves well and seems to be pain free as far as her rescuer can tell.

Smilla is house trained and although she enjoys the company of other dogs she is much more people focused.

She loves her food and is very bouncy.  She does not like to be jumped on so must live with calm dogs.  She is cat tested and was excited but not aggressive.

She weighs around 13kg but could do with losing a few kgs.  She is neutered.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home happy to adopt a dog that walks differently and has a head tilt.

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