Nagy NON disabled puppy seeking an adopter





less than 1 year


Mixed breed

Current Location

Egypt, ready to travel

Country to Adopt to



Nagy is a non disabled puppy.  He did suffer early life trauma at the hands of humans, but made a full physical recovery.  Any adopter should be prepared to work on any future issues arising from this.

Nagy is described as a low energy, calm dog by his rescuer.  He is currently living at a boarding facility in Cairo, Egypt.

Nagy is good with other dogs.

He has been cat and child tested and was calm and inquisitive with both.  He could live with cats after careful introductions and children, where good management and supervision was in place.

He is neutered and weighs 13kg but is still growing

Type of Home Needed

A loving home happy to adopt a dog, that need to be taught basic life skills.

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