Namla (senior) seeking an adopter

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17 years as of April 24



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Namla is roughly 17 years old.
She weighs around 3kg and is neutered.
Her current owner/ rescuer found her wandering around near her home area at around 3 months old.
She was very confident and sure of herself, and has remained so ever since.
She’s confident with people, cats and dogs.
Even at 17 years old she remains very kitten-ish, and is lots of fun, though she has slowed down and has trouble jumping onto high surfaces (though will still try).
She has FIV.
Occasionally she gets a little snuffly which may be related.
She has one pupil different from the other (like David Bowie).
She’s lost quite a few teeth with old age but can still eat wet and dry food.
Her owner is being forced to rehome her animals as she needs to move in with elderly parents into a small bungalow and cannot take her animals with her.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home, that can care for an older cat, for the rest of her life.  

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