Miamish (walks differently)- RESERVED

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3.5 years approx (as of September 23)



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Miamish weighs around 6kg and is neutered.

Rescue story : Miamish was only around 3 months old when was rescued from Bahrain streets with a vertebral injury after an accident which is believed to be a RTA or maybe a bigger animal bite.

He was sick, vomiting, very hungry and his bladder was full urine but leaking.  He was also walking in an abnormal way and slipping very often.

One year after he was rescued he had another accident of pesticide ingestion when he ate a cockroach. After this he was also very sick but made a full recovery.

Miamish is a sweet cat who loves petting and cuddles even from strangers.

He is an affectionate cat who would come to you if you sit beside him and would keep coming and going for pets and kisses .

He is also very playful and energetic he jumps runs and chase toys and sometimes runs despite his old injury.

He has never lived with dogs but might be ok after slow and careful introductions as he is friendly and outgoing.

He is extremely sweet with other cats.

He has no experience of children.

Miamish has a spinal injury and is incontinent so needs to be expressed several times a day.

He is on a liver support food and supplement due to the previous poisoning incident and does very well on this.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that can care for a cat who walks differently and is incontinent.

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