Ella’s Instant Vegan Yorky Puds and Pancakes (and cake mixes)


Available to purchase by messaging: https://www.facebook.com/Ellas-Instant-Vegan-Yorky-Puds-and-Pancakes

Full product list ??

Over 60 different varieties!!

? Savoury Yorkshire puddings/ Savoury pancakes (130g) £3.50 each or any 4 packets for £12.

(Makes 12 yorky puds in a yorky pud tray or 6 in a muffin tray)

Cheese & Chives
Sage & Onion
Cheese & Chilli
Cheesy Garlic
Herby Mustard
Cheese & Bacon
Cheese, Chive & Bacon
Garlic & Herbs
Garlic, cheese & onion
Herby cheese
Rosemary & Cheese
Garlic & Onion
Cheese & onion
Herby Chilli
Chilli & Garlic
Herby Onion
Cheese & Onion
Chilli, onion & garlic
Bacon & Chilli
Bacon & Mustard
Thyme & Cheese
Thyme & Mustard
Italian Garlic Pizza
Italian pizza
Salt & Cracked Black Pepper

Plain Yorky Puds £2.50 each

? Speciality Pancakes (150g)

Bakewell Tart
Hazelnut cappuccino
Irish Coffee Cream (Baileys)
Dirty Duke (double chocolate, mocha)
Manchester Tart
Snickers bar
Crunchie (Cinder toffee & choc)
Pear Crumble
Duchess Cream Pie
The Nutty Professor
Coconut Mocha
Hazelnut Mocha
Raspberry & Vanilla
Pear & Vanilla
Coffee Toffee
Chocolate eclairs
Toffee Pear Crumble
Cinnamon Mocha
Gingerbread Mocha
Mint Aero latte
Turkish Delight
Cookie Dough Cappuccino
Vanilla Mocha
Chocolate Caramel Popcorn
Caramel Popcorn
Cherry Chocolate
White Choc & Raspberry latte
Chocolate ‘Mocha’ Orange
Gingerberry (raspberry & ginger)

£3.90 each or any 3 packets for £10.50

130g sugar free pancakes for just £3.50 each or any 4 for £12-

Fairtrade Chocolate
Hot Mama (chilli,choc)
Ginger Ninja (ginger,choc)
Winter Spiced

Plain Pancakes £2.50 each

Family sized puds (makes 18 yorky puds or 12 muffin sized ones in a muffin tray)
Plain are £3.50 a packet, Any flavoured are £4.50 a packet.


Savoury Scones (herby, cheesey mustard, oregano) £3.50 a packet (or £5.50 family pack)

Sweet Scones £3.50 (or £5.50 family pack)

Vegan Cake Mixes:

Victoria B Sponge Cake

Fairtrade Chocolate Cake

Gingerbread Cake

Fairtrade Arabica Coffee Cake

Or from Ella’s Unique Barista Cake Range!

Hazelnut Latte
Irish Cream Latte
Chai Latte
Cherry Choc Mocha
Choc Orange Mocha
Mint Choc Mocha
Turkish Delight Cappuccino
Crunchie (Cinder Toffee Mocha)
Cookie Dough Latte
Gingerbread Latte
White Choc & Raspberry Latte
Happy Sprinkles Latte

Vegans get the biggest and best choice ?

Makes an 8 inch cake.
Large 490g packets.

Only £3.90 a packet

Palm oil free, Vegan, fair trade, whole plant based ingredients, with added vitamins, minerals and iron and in eco friendly packaging.

Made in a fully vegan kitchen in the heart of North Yorkshire ?

Raising Money for Miracle’s Mission ?

Note- these packets have a naturally long shelf life. 7-8 months unopened