Diego GSD, walks differently -seeking an adopter

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Diego was abandoned by his owners when they moved house.  They simply tied him to a lamppost outside.  He was in a bad condition having been kept in a cage for most of his life.  His back legs are very weak but improving with exercise.  He has a skin complaint which is also improving and a benign lump in his armpit area.  This has been checked by the vet and all seems to be pretty superficial.  He should make a full recovery but may walk with an altered gait long term.  He is very good with other dogs and has been tested with older children and was a super boy.  He is very loving and friendly to people.  He is now living in a foster placement with his rescuers and is loving home life.  He is clean and non destructive in the house.  His rescuers feel he will be a lovely family member. We would like him to go to a quiet home with lots of 121 attention.  He could live with another dog after sensible introductions.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home, happy to adopt a dog who walks differently and will need time to adjust and find his feet.

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