Pino, NON disabled puppy, seeking an adopter

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Born Feb 2023


Mixed breed

Current Location


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Pino currently weighs 6Kgs but is still growing. Could reach around 20kg fully grown.
He will be neutered before travel
Pino was hit by a car at a petrol station. The driver of the car did stop and get out to check his car was ok and then drove off leaving little Pino. However his rescuers heard his screams and investigated and found him hiding under a parked car. Poor Pino couldn’t walk so they took him to the vets for x-rays and then on to see a specialist orthopaedic vet. Although Pino had suffered a severe trauma as a result of being hit by a car nothing was broken but he was badly bruised and his side and leg were swollen.
He couldn’t move so they took him home where he rested and recovered.
Pino is a very happy character, full of fun and his happiness is contagious. He has fully recovered from  being hit by the car and now runs and plays with the other dogs, he loves them all. Pino also loves humans just as much and often sits on his rescuers lap for strokes and he gives plenty of cuddles and kisses. He is a very loving and a happy little boy.
Pino’s will be able to travel to the UK anytime after 20 September 2023.
He is cat tested.
Still to be child tested but he is a lovely calm character who reacts well to new people so we don’t expect any issues.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home, happy to adopt a young dog, that will need time to adjust and find her feet.  A home willing to put the work into basic training and life skills with a young dog.

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