Eliza (walks differently) – Looking for an adopter

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Born July 2022


Mixed breed

Current Location

Cairo, Egypt

Country to Adopt to



Eliza currently weighs 15kg as of June 23
Eliza is spayed.
Eliza was hit by a car at a petrol station in Cairo, Egypt and left to suffer in the sun.
Thankfully her rescuers found her, managed to get her in their car and took her to the vets. X-rays and further examination by a orthopaedic specialist confirmed that she had a broken pelvis and her back right leg had semi luxation (bone is half out of the socket) at the hip joint.
Eliza also had a large and deep puncture wound in her stomach which the vet thought may have been caused by another dog attacking her after her accident. She did not need surgery but rest and restricted movement to allow healing. It was obvious she wouldn’t survive if they put her back on the streets, she wasn’t mobile so couldn’t defend herself or seek food so they took her home where she has lived since.
Eliza rested for 16 days before she could stand up and take a few short steps but gets stronger every day and now runs and plays with the other dogs in the home. She still needs to build her strength in her back legs and the orthopaedic specialist vet believes she will have a limp or slightly different gait.
Eliza is a very gentle little girl, extremely loving and easy to love, she has settled into home life very quickly. She lives and plays with the other dogs in the home which are all of various sizes and ages but would be just as happy in a home without other dogs.
She is clean around the house and loves her bed and going out into the garden.
Eliza has lovely hair and is a gorgeous little girl who really enjoys her kisses and cuddles. She is very easy to love.
Eliza reacts when she sees a cat in the garden but we will try further close contact to confirm.
Not yet tested with children (but will do soon).
Eliza will be able to travel anytime after 1st September.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home happy adopt a dog who walks a little differently.

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