Wally 3 legged dog – seeking an adopter

Travel Fund: MM




2 years approx.



Current Location

Egypt – ready to travel

Country to Adopt to



Wally was found on the streets with her front leg crushed and infected beyond repair.  She was taken to a large shelter and the vet assessed that the leg needed to be amputated.

She has made a good recovery from this however as her hind leg is also damaged she does not get around as well as other 3 legged dogs might.

She has been assessed by a specialist in Egypt and the surgery required is too complex to do there.  She will need intensive rehab after her surgery. Miracle’s Mission and/ or the shelter sending her to the UK will cover the costs of her surgery but she will need an adopter committed to the rehabilitation of the hind leg long term.

Wally is good with other dogs.  She was very timid when she was rescued but has come on a lot, she is a sweet, shy girl who will need time and patience to thrive.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home, happy to adopt a dog with 3 legs. A home committed to surgery rehab.

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