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6 months


Mixed breed

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Nina was spotted on the streets of Cairo suffering from Mange and looking very vulnerable and alone. Her rescuers went and bought her medication for her Mange and then went to check on her daily.
Despite feeding her every day her general health seemed to deteriorate and she became lethargic and docile, often standing in the middle of the road as cars passed just missing her without slowing. It was just a matter of time!
She wasn’t part of a pack but her mum would show up periodically (possibly because they were feeding Nina) and speaking to the locals told them her mum wasn’t often around leaving little Nina to fend for herself.
After a week of feeding Nina it became clear she needed help and when the opportunity came her rescuers picked her up and took her straight to the vets. After two weeks of treatment and vaccinations Nina left the vets and moved to her rescuers home.
Nina is a very loving little girl who loves strokes and cuddles, she is very trusting of people and quickly becomes attached to people. She is  good with people and other dogs but can be easily pushed around by other dogs (still to be tested with cats and children).
Nina’s hearing is weak so doesn’t respond to being called but she is a very happy and playful little girl, who is very light on her feet.  She walks differently and has had xrays to investigate this.  The vet states that her hindlimb suffered a fracture that has now healed causing a slightly abnormal appearance and gait.  This does not seem to bother her.
She is a real beauty.
She currently weighs 12kg (small for her age and breed) but may grow to around 18kg, she will be neutered prior to travel.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home, happy to adopt a dog, that will need time to adjust and find her feet.

A home happy to adopt a dog that walks differently and has partial hearing.

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