Derman (walks differently) seeking an adopter

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5 years old


Mixed breed

Current Location


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Derman was found on the streets around 2 years ago.

He was taken in by a rescue organisation and later fostered but is now in kennels which is not good for him.

He has had some investigations done into his disability and he is believed to have an old spinal injury that has self healed and a broken bone in his sacrum.

This is what is believed to cause his abnormal gait in his hind legs.  He is fully mobile and continent.  He is friendly with people and dogs.

He is a larger dog weighing around 35kg.

He will likely need further orthopaedic assessment and treatment in the UK.  Miracle’s Mission will fund the initial investigation and treatment but any ongoing costs such as medications and physiotherapy will be met by his adopters.

He has no reported behaviour concerns.  He is not cat or child tested.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home happy to adopt a dog that walks differently.  A home willing to put the time into helping a shelter dog adjust to domestic life.

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