Jonny (walks differently)





2.5 years old



Current Location


Country to Adopt to



Jonny is believed to be an abandoned pet.  He was taken in by a shelter in Bosnia after being found wandering.  He weighs around 30kg and has hip dysplasia.  The vets in Bosnia have said this is currently most appropriately managed with keeping him slim, joint supplements and ad hoc pain relief if and when needed.  If it gets worse he may need a surgery in the future.

He does not seem to be overly impacted by it at this time.  He runs and plays with other dogs as normal for a young dog.  He is very sociable and has a lovely temperament his rescuer says.  He likes dogs, adults and children.  He is not cat tested.

Because he has so many adoptable qualities his rescuer would like him to go to a home in the UK for a better life.  His joint issues are also best supported by not living outside 24/7. Winter in Bosnia can be very harsh and cold.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home, happy to adopt a dog that walks differently (and may need a future surgery) Jonny will need time to adjust and find his feet in his new home.

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