Angelos (wheelie dog) seeking an adopter





less than 1 year


Mixed breed

Current Location

Greece, ready to travel

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Angelos is an adorable little chap.  He was found totally paralysed and lifeless on the streets at just 2 months old.  He had also been bitten on the neck.  With time and rehabilitation his mobility in his back legs returned but has not come back in his front legs.

He has had a lot of physio and laser treatment and is getting better all the time.  He uses front wheels for longer walks and a sling/ harness to help to try and get him using his front legs a little bit more.

He is dog and people friendly.  He is cat and child tested, he is thought to be very sweet in all situations he has encountered thus far.

Because his paralysis is front end related he is able to pee and poo by himself.  He will not need bladder expression like most wheelie dogs do.

He weighs around 16kg

He is not yet neutered but this will be done before he travels.

Angelos has post traumatic syringeomyelia as confirmed with an MRI scan. This may mean that he will require physio and hydrotherapy as well as additional vet care.  So any adopter should be prepared for these expenses and the time commitment required to care for him properly.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home happy to adopt a dog, that needs wheels and could need physio and/or hydrotherapy ongoing.

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