Roger (RESERVED) cross eyed cat- Looking for an adopter





3 years old



Current Location

Lebanon, ready to travel

Country to Adopt to



Roger is THE BOSS cat! His rescuer describes him as the Lord Mayor of the cat sanctuary.

He has the biggest of characters and is incredibly sweet with both people including children and other cats.  He will provide any adopters with hours of laughter.

He is a large cat weighing 5kg

He has cross eyes which makes him unadoptable in Lebanon.  He was rescued from some children who were trying to cut off his tail.  He now cannot feel his tail.  Other than this he is a healthy able bodied cat.

He has been dog tested with a calm stationary dog, he was himself very calm and non aggressive.  He could live with dogs after careful introductions.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that can embrace a cross eyed cat.

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