Frankie cat, walks differently- Looking for an adopter

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1.5 years



Current Location

Lebanon, ready to travel

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Frankie is a shy but sweet boy.  Once he gets to know you he is very cuddly and loving.  He gets on well with other cats.

As a younger cat he jumped from something very high and broke his leg.  This required 2 surgeries to correct.  He now walks with a limp but this is his only disability.  The limp makes him unadoptable in Lebanon.

He is good with older children.  The cat sanctuary has an 11 year old volunteer.  He has been tested with a younger child and was quite shy but non aggressive.  He has been safely dog tested with a barrier and although shy was non aggressive.  He could live with a calm dog and older children after careful introductions.

He weighs 3kg and is neutered.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that can care for a 3 legged cat.

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