Kala RESERVED (walks differently) seeking an adopter





4 years old


Mixed breed

Current Location

Bosnia, ready to travel

Country to Adopt to



Kala is described by her rescuer as a “golden dog” in temperament.  She is brilliant with people and other dogs.  She is very playful and gentle.  She walks nicely both on and off the leash and is a lovely dog to be around.

Kala was hit by a car when she was a puppy and survived on the street for 1 month before a kind lady rescued her.  She has lived with the lady and at her shelter ever since.  She had 2 surgeries to fix her leg.  She walks slightly differently and has one leg shorter than the others.

She is child tested with younger and older children and has been absolutely great with them!

She is spayed and 16kg

Type of Home Needed

A loving home happy to adopt a dog that walks differently.

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