Rio (FIV positive)- Looking for an adopter

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3 years



Current Location

Lebanon, ready to travel

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Rio was found on the streets, almost dead.  He spent 1 month in the clinic and another 3 months recovering from severe pneumonia.  He is FIV positive.  This means he cannot live with other cats despite the transmission risk being low.  Please see FIV guidance here:

Cats With FIV – Care And Prevention | RSPCA

He is child friendly.

He is very sweet and non aggressive.  Although there is no cure for FIV many cats with it live long and happy lives.

Rio is 5kg and neutered.

He has been dog tested with a calm stationary dog and a barrier, he was himself calm and non aggressive.  He could live with potentially live with dogs after careful introductions.


Type of Home Needed

A loving, cat free home, that can care for a cat with FIV

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