Rosie (wheelie dog) seeking an adopter



Female (spayed)


3 years old


Mixed breed

Current Location

Serbia, ready to travel

Country to Adopt to



Rosie is a sweet girl that was badly injured by another dog in the shelter.

She suffered a spinal injury and is incontinent.  She requires bladder expression.

She also has an issue with her throat which means she needs to be fed small, frequent meals in a standing position.

Rosie can get on well with other dogs and lives with several full time but she must be fed separately as she can guard food.

She also has been seen to be defensive of her space and seek to drive dogs away from the humans and beds by growling and showing her teeth.  She has not bitten.

She is best placed as a solo dog.

She loves people and children of all ages.

She cannot live with cats.

She weighs around 9kg

Rosie uses a wheelchair for walks.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home happy to adopt a dog, that needs wheels and is incontinent.

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