Sophie (weakness on right side) – Looking for an adopter





1 year approx


Mixed breed

Current Location

Cairo, Egypt

Country to Adopt to



Sophie was found as a tiny puppy by one of our wonderful rescue partners. She was hit by a vehicle that swerved to hit her breaking her pelvis in four places and her tail. Her pelvis healed incorrectly before she was rescued and she now biases most of her weight to her back left leg. She is mobile but has a weakness on her right side which means her back right leg will drag occasionally and she walks a little differently. She is able to go up stairs but needs help getting down.

Sophie loves to play and get cuddles from her humans. She has begun to really enjoy her walks and will play with other dogs, but if the play becomes too much she will take herself away. She is house trained, but can sometimes wee a little if startled.

Sophie does struggle on hard, slippy floors – so rugs on hard flooring and carpets would be needed in a foster or forever home. Sophie currently lives with 7 other dogs and she gets on with them all. However she can occasionally get defensive over food & treats, so she would need to be fed separately from other animals. She has not been cat or child tested.

Sophie is spayed and weighs approx 12.5kg.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home happy to foster / adopt a dog who walks a little differently.

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