Flo (wheelie dog) – Looking for an adopter





4 Years approx


French Bulldog

Current Location

Manchester, UK

Country to Adopt to



Flo is in need of a new home through no fault of her own. Flo was diagnosed with IVDD in July 2020. She did have spinal surgery, but unfortunately it was unsuccessful.

Whilst she can get around okay at home, Flo needs wheels for walk and requires bladder expression approximately 4 times a day. We offer any potential fosterers or adopters full training & advice on this. Flo needs someone who is home most of the time who can give her the care & attention she so deserves!

Flo has some other health issues that are managed by medication when they flare up. She has allergies that have caused skin issues and has previously had ear infections.

She has also had frequent urinary tract infections. The vets feel this could be due to her bladder not being fully emptied or not emptied frequently enough.

She is a really happy dog who loves to zoom around in her wheels with her friends!

Flo could live another friendly dog and loves people, including children (over 5 years). She has also previously lived with cats.

Flo is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated & weighs approx 10.5kg.

Flo was adopted through another rescue as a puppy and is currently looking for a new home with someone who has lots of time to give her all of the love she deserves.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home happy to foster / adopt a dog in wheels who requires bladder expression.

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