Major (Fully mobile but semi incontinent) – Looking for an adopter





15 months



Current Location

Romania – unable to travel until the ban is lifted

Country to Adopt to

UK or Europe


Major is just 15 months old. He was hit by a car and left with a broken front leg and a spinal injury. After surgery he very quickly recovered and is now fully mobile however he has been left partially incontinent. His incontinence has lessened and he is currently on vitamin B supplements to help any residual nerve damage there may be that’s causing it. If there is anything that can be done to further help when he arrives in the UK then we will arrange this.
He is a wonderful boy who mixes well with other dogs and loves people. He is a calm boy just looking for a loving home.
Major is neutered and weighs 23 kilos.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home happy to foster a semi incontinent dog who will need either bladder expression or nappies until further assessment is made

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