Seil (paralysed)- Looking for a Foster or Adopter





11 months approx



Current Location

Saudi Arabia – ready to travel when she has a foster or adopter

Country to Adopt to



Seil was found in April 2021 as a tiny kitten in a very bad way, surrounded by her dead siblings, She was dragging herself when she was found and it is unknown how she sustained her injuries.

Seil is unable to use her back legs at all and she is incontinent. This means she will require bladder expression 3/4 times a day. We offer full training in this to any prospective fosterers and adopters. Despite her disability Seil is a typical kitten who loves to play and jump about. She gets around well but may benefit from a set of wheels. This is something we can try when she arrives in the UK.

Seil needs to be an indoor cat. Seil may benefit from physiotherapy and this is something a potential foster or adopter should take into consideration.

She is really friendly and loves playing with her cat & human friends! Seil has not been child or dog tested. Seil is spayed.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that can care for a paralysed cat.

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