Elvis (cancer survivor & wobbly walk) – Looking for an Adopter





9 years approx



Current Location

Egypt – he can travel when he has a foster family or adopter

Country to Adopt to



Elvis has had a really rough time. He was hit by a car and suffered a spinal injury. However, he improved and can now walk again. He is also continent.

It was then found that Elvis had cancer. He had a Transmissible Venereal Tumour (TVT).  This was removed and he then had a round of chemotherapy. The vets are pleased with the improvements he has made and he is now believed to be cancer free.

He is a really friendly boy who loves cuddles and is great with people including children.

As there is a chance his cancer could return, some UK vets have advised that he be an only dog as he could then pose a risk to another dog.

In our experience the risk would be very small so long as his condition was carefully monitored.

Our rehoming team would liaise with his adopters vets before he arrived to ensure they were familiar and comfortable with managing a TVT survivor.

Elvis could live with dog savvy cats following careful introductions.

Elvis is neutered & currently weighs 19kg.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home happy to care for an older dog with a wobbly walk who may need to be an only dog.

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