Angel (deformed back legs)- Looking for an adopter





1 year approx



Current Location

Newport, Wales

Country to Adopt to



Angel is a young dog who’s back legs are deformed.

She is continent and able to get around but she desperately needs a chance to be seen by the vets in the UK to see what can be done to help her mobility.

Angel is still so young and is so deserving of a family of her own and a happy life!

She is very nervous and scared of new things. Angel needs an experienced family who will give her time, patience and love.

She could live with another small dog. She has not been cat or child tested.

Angel has not yet been neutered. This will be done in the UK and paid for by us. She weighs approximately 15kg.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that is able to care for a nervous dog with deformed back legs.

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