Mellios (missing a back paw) – Looking for fosterer or adopter





9 years approx



Current Location

Greece – he is waiting to travel to the UK when a foster/adopter is found

Country to Adopt to



Mellios has a heartbreaking story to tell. He was rescued 9 years ago in Crete as a puppy having been abused by humans. Then 6 years ago his owners brought him in to the vets to be euthanised due to his paw injury. The missing paw has healed to a stump and he wears a boot to keep it protected when out on walks.

Since he was rescued Mellios has lived with 11 different keepers and has had 2 failed adoptions through no fault of his own.

He is an older dog now and is looking for a home to retire to and a sofa to snooze on. In many cases his adopters/fosters in Greece simply had no time to care for him or did not care for him properly. He has been very unlucky so we would LOVE to find him a happy forever home!

Mellios has shown some guarding issues around food so would need to be kept separate from other animals when fed. He could live with another dog. He has previously lived with dog savvy cats. Mellios could live with older children (16+).

On a few occasions Mellios has bared his teeth when approached by strangers from behind and also when at the vets. He has not bitten, but this is something that any potential foster/adopter would need to be aware of and willing to work on with Mellios.

He is a low energy dog who loves short walks and is good on lead. He has a flea allergy so it is very important that he is routinely treated for fleas.

Mellios loves his beds and snacks! He is neutered and weighs approximately 32kg.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home able to accommodate an older dog with a missing back paw.

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