Happy (Wheelie dog)- Looking for a Foster or Adopter





2 years approx


Golden Retriever

Current Location

Romania – ready to travel after 09/07/2022

Country to Adopt to



Happy is a really lovely boy who was hit by a car causing him to lose the use of his back legs. It has taken him a while to adjust to his new normal after being an active dog before his accident. He is able to get around in the house but will need wheels for walks. Happy loves toys and loves to play! He is a large dog so any potential fosterers/adopters will need to be able to lift him.

Happy needs a garden with grass so that he is able to drag himself without developing sores. He is incontinent and will require bladder expression 3-4 times a day. This is easy to do & we offer full training in this to potential fosters/adopters.

Happy has been good with other dogs in his current foster home in Romania but had shown some aggressive behaviour in his previous home. He could live with a calm & friendly female dog and any fosterer or adopter would need to have space to facilitate slow introductions. He is not cat or child tested. Happy weighs approximately 30kg and is neutered.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that can accept and love a dog who is incontinent and uses wheels on walks.

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