Faith (Tripawd & stroke survivor)- RESERVED





10 years approx



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Faith is a really sweet three legged girl. She was found with an injured leg and the only option was to amputate. She gets around well on three legs, but may benefit from a prosthetic leg to reduce strain on her other front leg. This will be assessed once she arrives in the UK and the charity will fundraise for this should she need one.

Faith is good with other dogs and cats, but does have guarding issues with food, so would need to be fed separate from any other animals. She has not been child tested.

Faith is a sweet girl looking for a loving home! She is neutered and weighs approx 13kg. 

Sadly as of April 23 Faith has suffered a stroke.  She is still mobile but with a head tilt and tongue lol.  She is expected to make a good recovery but really needs a nice comfortable home to do that in.  Living outside in a shelter is not conducive to her recovery.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that can accept and love a dog with three legs.

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