Dea (able bodied but missing a toe and has some urinary issues)








Current Location

Bosnia – waiting to travel to the UK when she has a fosterer / adopter

Country to Adopt to



Dea is a beautiful girl. She adores people including children. She likes to cuddle and be close to people. She is fully mobile and active / playful despite her missing one of her toe bones on her front paw.

She is suspected to have ectopic ureter which will be assessed further when she arrives in the UK.  If she needs treatment for this, Miracle’s Mission will fundraise if needed. The ectopic ureter causes Dea’s bladder to leak sometimes. We do not know how much often she will leak until she is assessed in the UK. 

Dea is good with other dogs but has not been cat tested. She weighs 13 kilos.

Dea is spayed

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that can accept and love a dog that may or may not walk with a limp long term depending on how her paw affects her at a later age and a dog that may or may not have life long bladder leakages.

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