Bobby (fully mobile with a limp at times)





1 year



Current Location

Romania (waiting to travel to the UK when he has a fosterer / adopter)

Country to Adopt to



Bobby is a very sociable boy. He loves people and other dogs and he wants / demands attention from everybody he is around. He can be shy at first but will soon get to know and love his new family quickly. Bobby has been around children and has been great. He has also lived in a home environment in foster care already so he is used to this type of living. He has been with a cat in the home and was also fine in this situation.

Bobby had hip dysplasia and has had denervation in his back legs to take any pain away. He sometimes┬álimps with his left front leg but his front leg x-ray is clear therefore we do not know why. He isn’t however in any pain with it.

Bobby is 25 – 30 kilos so needs somebody who is strong enough to manage a large breed dog.

Bobby is neutered.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that can accept and love a dog that sometimes limps and who can change his exercise regime if needed to fit in with his needs.

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