Brody (fully mobile with a wonky walk)





1.5 – 2 years



Current Location

Macedonia (waiting to travel to the UK when he has a fosterer / adopter)

Country to Adopt to



Brody is a little bundle of joy. He is just pure adorable and a sweet little guy. He has been rescued from the street where he fended for himself with an injured hind leg. Brody is friendly and sociable, loves cuddles, he causes no trouble at all at the kennels. He is only little in stature, gets on very well with other dogs and loves people.

He is dog, people and child friendly but he has not been cat tested.

Brody’s physical problem is the limp with his hind leg . According to x-rays the problem is with the pelvis and acetabulum. The injury is too old to be treated surgically and the vet says there is nothing left to do and that he is fine the way he is. The vet has ruled out amputation. He is using the injured leg for support and balance; it helps him so it cannot be amputated.

The source of injury is unknown; he was probably hit with a heavy object.

He is not incontinent

He is size small and is neutered

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that can accept and love a dog with a wonky walk

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