Ari (fully mobile with a wonky walk)





1 year



Current Location

Macedonia (waiting to travel to the UK when he has a fosterer / adopter)

Country to Adopt to



Ari is a joyful pup, full of life and always ready to play. He is still only a puppy, so is very playful and loves being active and engaged. He is happiest when someone dedicates a bit of their time to him. Ari is intelligent, outgoing and sweet natured, he is the super doggy of the shelter. He would love to have an opportunity to explore new places and go for nice walks. Ari is people friendly, dog friendly and cat friendly.

Ari’s physical problems concern his front and hind legs, both on the right side. He was found lying by the road after a car hit him. He was in a huge amount of pain and exhausted from crying by the time the rescuer reached him. He was rushed to vets. Both his right front and hind legs were broken. Ari had surgery on his hind leg first and then on the front one a few days after. He had metal plates fitted, which were removed after 3 weeks. The surgeries were successful and the vet was happy with how he has healed. He is fully mobile but still uses the front leg in a strange way. He did not receive any rehabilitation after the surgery. Ari keeps walking in a wonky way is because he got used to walking with two bad legs.

Ari was rescued in June 2020. Surgeries took place in June/July 2020.

He is not incontinent

He is size medium and is neutered

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that can accept and love a dog with a wonky walk

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