Foxy (able bodied with knuckling paws)





1 year



Current Location

Macedonia (ready to travel to the UK when she has a fosterer / adopter)

Country to Adopt to



Foxy has a lovely sweet nature. She is a quiet girl who loves to be cuddled and stroked and she is great with people but has not been child tested. She is great with other dogs but has not been cat tested. She does not tend to approach other dogs but if they approach her she is welcoming. She has a quiet and calm personality.

Foxy was found on the side of the road in January 2021 after having been hit by a car. She had been left unable to walk but over time she has regained use of both of her back legs. She can now walk but her back paws knuckle. She will receive physiotherapy and hydrotherapy when she arrives in the UK (funded by Miracle’s Mission ).

Foxy will be spayed before travel

Foxy weighs 20 kilos and she is fully continent

Foxy’s weakness is food. She must be fed separately to any other pets as she may try to take their food. If there is food within reach she will find it and eat it.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home with time to take Petko to physiotherapy / hydrotherapy until her paws are as rehabilitated as they can be

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