Lara (able bodied but walks with a limp)





1.5-2 year old



Current Location

Macedonia – waiting to travel to the UK when she has a fosterer / adopter

Country to Adopt to



Lara is a beautiful girl, very kind natured and rather quiet in the kennels. She was rescued after giving birth in a field. Unfortunately, all her babies were taken away from her way too early by unknown people. This left Lara distressed and she struggled to cope after she realised they were all gone.

Since in kennels Lara has been a very patient and composed lady, she is calm and friendly, respectful towards all others. She is not keen on the kennel environment, it’s all a bit too overwhelming. She can be rehomed with other dogs and children. She has not been cat tested.

Lara’s physical problem is her front leg which according to the x-rays report has been sprained. The vet has concluded there is nothing that can be done for her surgically and that with time and supplementation she will be ok. The leg has improved; she is using the leg more now. When she was on the street she would hop around like a three legged dog but now she steps on it almost all the time.

Lara will be spayed before travel

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that can accept and love a dog that may or may not walk with a limp long term

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