3-4 years



Current Location

Romania – waiting to travel to the UK when she has a fosterer / adopter

Country to Adopt to



Ria is a very sweet girl weighing around 10 kilos. She gets along well with other dogs and cats. She is great with people and has been fine around older children but not tested with younger children.
Ria was hit by a car resulting in hind leg paralysis however she is fully mobile with her front legs and will receive wheels for outdoor walks. She has made some progress in terms of her paralysis and can at times support her own weight standing up.
Ria is a sweet smaller sized young dog, she is around 10 kg , also incontinent, gets along with other dogs , very quiet and sweet, she lives around cats and biger age children. She is making some progress as she can sometimes stand on her rear legs , for support at least.
Ria is not spayed but she will be shortly

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that can accept a dog in wheels if Ria’s paralysis does not improve and help with bladder expression if she remains incontinent

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