Bear (4 legged but under assessment for a potential amputation)








Current Location

Egypt – ready to travel to the UK when he has a home

Country to Adopt to



Gorgeous Bear has all 4 legs however one of his back legs may need to be amputated. We will know more about this shortly. He had a previous chest injury (his chest was split open) which has now healed but he is waiting for x-rays to check for any internal damage as when he runs a lot he will sometimes cough. These will be done shortly. He has a previous fracture of the ferum (which is now healed) on the same leg that may need to be amputated.

Bear is a very sweet boy who enjoys cuddles and kisses. He also loves to play.

Bear is good with people including children. He is good with other dogs but he does not like cats.

Bear is not neutered but he will be before he travels.

He weighs 18 kilos.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home happy to adopt a 3 legged dog if Bear does have his leg amputated

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