1 year



Current Location

UK – Glasgow

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Victor is an extremely special boy desperately searching for his forever home. He has been through a lot of trauma in his short life and he needs stability, comfort and love.

Victor is an extremely loving boy and bonds very quickly once he trusts people. He was beaten as a puppy and therefore is nervous of some people at first. Mostly with women he is fine right away. With a lot of men he is also ok very quickly. He has ben scared of largely built males.

Victor can move around by himself however he cannot lift himself far up off the ground so cannot walk normally. His right leg is used as a prop for walking and his left leg is stuck straight out infant of him. He has just had surgery and intensive physiotherapy in the hope that he can gain more mobility by lifting himself up higher off the ground and bending his left leg back into a more normal position.

Despite Victor’s hard start in life, he is such a happy boy and he has a lot of love to give but he needs patience and to be able to settle into a new home at his own pace.

Victor is initially aggressive around other dogs and cats but within one or 2 days he very quickly becomes their very best friends. He has lived with both dogs and cats and loves them both very much after the initial settling in period.

Type of Home Needed

A loving and structured home willing to be patient if needed while he settles in and gets to know his new family

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