Maya (tripod dog) – Looking for a foster or adopter





5 Years approx



Current Location

UK – Scotland (West Lothian)

Country to Adopt to



Maya is a very special girl and she requires somebody with lots of time, patience & experience of dogs exhibiting aggressive behaviour. Maya was found in a very bad way & had chewing/growling issues with her 2 back paws. The vets think that the chewing resulted from a psychological / habitual issue perhaps combined with nerve pain. The chewing ranged from mild to severe.

Maya has recently had her back leg amputated and has now recovered from this procedure. This procedure, coupled with new medication has reduced the instances in which she becomes aggressive towards her back leg. She is under the care of a veterinary behaviourist in Glasgow currently. It would be great if her family would be able to travel there for her appointments, but if not we can look into other arrangements such as online appointments. 

Maya is 20.5kg and has been spayed.

Maya would like to be an only dog. Maya would prefer not to live with cats or children.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that can give Maya the time and dedication that she needs

No cats or children as she has not yet been properly tested with either

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