Maya (fully mobile with a paw deformity) – Looking for Fosterer or Adopter





4 – 5 years (to be re-assessed when she arrives in the UK)



Current Location

UK – Scotland (West Lothian)

Country to Adopt to



Maya is a very special girl and she requires somebody with a time and patience for her. Maya has been having chewing issues with her 2 back paws. We do not yet know the exact problem as to why she has been chewing on her paws but we and the vets think that it is a physcological / habitual issue perhaps combined with nerve pain. The chewing has ranged from mild to severe.

One of Maya’s back paws is missing 2 toes however this does not hinder her walking, she is fully mobile. She may need to walk in boots long term.

Maya currently wears a collar to help stop her chewing her paws. She must wear the collar at all times at the moment. When her feet are feeling ok she loves to walk. Her walking pace / distance is currently up and down depending on how her feet are feeling.

Maya has previously growled and barked at her back paws. When boots or bandages are put on she will accept them but only when she has gained trust with the person putting them on first.

Maya is looking for a dedicated and committed carer for her until she has been assessed and fully treated.

Maya is overweight at 24 kilos. This is due to her current medication trials and we would look to reduce her weight by at least 4 kilos.

Maya is good with other dogs and has shown signs of being good with children but has not been properly child or cat tested (although when walking past cats on the street while on a lead she has had no issue)

Maya is not yet spayed due to her paw issues and so she cannot be around any un-neutered male dogs

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that can give Maya the time and dedication that she needs until her feet are fully healed.

No cats or children as she has not yet been properly tested with either

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