Jeri (fully mobile with congenital leg issues) – Looking for Foster or Adoption





5 years



Current Location

UK – Devon

Country to Adopt to



Jeri is a 5 year old mixed breed dog. She is small/medium, around 14kg.

Jeri has a congenital disorder which affects her legs. She is fully mobile but walks differently in her own way. Do not underestimate her speed as when she wants to run fast she can! 

She is a very nervous dog who needs a family experienced with nervous/anxious dogs. Jeri is more nervous around men and tends to bond far quicker with females.  Therefore, her primary carer needs to be female and any males in the household need to give her plenty of space and time to trust them. 

She is incredibly loving once she trusts you and is happy just to be near you. Jeri likes spending time in the garden and snuggling into a soft bed. She is able to wear a harness, collar and lead, and would prefer quieter walks.

She would appreciate a friendly dog companion, but could also be an only dog. She is not cat tested and would prefer an adult only home.

Jeri is currently in foster in Devon and would require more than one visit to get to know you. She has come so far from the terrified dog she arrived as but still needs patience, trust and careful management to help her confidence.

She is under the care of vets and on long term medication for her anxiety. This is something that you would need to commit to keeping her on until she no longer needs it however long that may be. She would also benefit from physiotherapy in the future once settled in a new home.

Jeri can toilet independently and has no incontinence issues. She has not yet been neutered but this is something that the rescue will fund and an adopter will be required to sign a contract stating that this will be carried out.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that is able to accept Jeri as she is and to always take walks and life at her own pace. She would thrive in a calm household, where her guardians can let her unfold at her own pace. Experience with nervous/anxious dogs is essential.

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