Jeri (4 legs – under assessment as to whether she will walk on 3 or 4 legs)





3 years



Current Location

Egypt – ready to travel to the UK in January / February

Country to Adopt to



Jeri is a 3 year old mixed breed dog. She is small, around 10kg. She has been neutered and vaccinated. In the shelter she has been around dogs, cats, male and female humans, and children. She has no issues with them and is described as friendly and playful.

However, from the videos we have seen she does seem nervous of the other dogs, particularly bigger ones. This may be more to do with the sheer amount of them though.
Jeri was taken to the shelter at two months after being found on the street. She has a congenital disorder which affects her legs.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that is able to accept Jeri as she is now, only able to walk short distances without the aid of wheels or to have the time to wait for her to recover from potential surgery to help her regain more use of her legs

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