Nessy (wheelie dog) – Looking for a foster or adopter





1 year approx



Current Location

UK – Devon. Nessy can travel anywhere in the UK

Country to Adopt to



Nessy was suspected to have been hit by a car and her spinal cord was permanently damaged. Her 2 back legs were amputated. This does not hinder her and she is happy and full of energy and joy. Nessy doesn’t realise that she has a disability, she is able to get around very well in and out of her wheels.

Nessy measures about 80 cm from head to toes, 82cm from collar to base of tail and weighs 21 kg. She is fully vaccinated, microchipped and spayed.

Nessy is a very friendly and happy dog. She likes people and is very happy to make new friends. She loves to be petted and to play with toys. She also likes to follow people and stay close to them. She can be anxious & barky around new people /dogs/experiences but this is something that she is working. Nessy would prefer to live in a rural area with someone who can spend time continuing her training.

She is friendly with dogs of all sizes and likes to play with everyone.

Cats are her best friends. She wants to play so any cats she is homed with must be happy to play back with her.

Nessy could live with dog savvy children over the age of 12.

She likes toys and chewing bones and knows to keep herself busy.

She is incontinent and will need bladder expression. This is something that we offer full training & guidance in.

Nessy likes going for walks in her wheels with her foster siblings and she is very curious about new things. She is enthusiastic and a quick learner. Nessy is looking for a family with at least one other dog who she can play with and to give her more confidence on walks. When out walking as an only dog she is nervous and reluctant to walk, so a doggy friend is essential.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home happy to adopt a 2 legged dog in wheels and happy to do bladder expression. Nessy is looking for a family with at least one other dog

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