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2 year old Batel is missing half a front leg. Miracle’s Mission will be fitting him with a┬áprosthetic leg so that he can run around without fear of hurting / straining his joints.

Batel needs a house where he will not be over walked. His remaining front leg has stretched ligaments and he wears a boot to protect his paw as 2 of his toes were cut off.

His 2 back hips were dislocated however he has now had double hip surgery to correct this.

Despite Batel’s issues, he is such a happy boy, he is a huge baby, rolling around playing with his toys and asking for cuddles. He has a LOT of love to give.

To our knowledge at the moment, Batel cannot be re-homed with children and he cannot be anywhere near children at any time without being fully assessed by a professional trainer. Batel has issues with close crowds of people and strangers that approach him too quickly, too closely.

Type of Home Needed

A loving home that is willing to learn how to use his prosthetic leg

A home that is willing to work with Miracle’s Mission who will be funding professional dog training sessions for him

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